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Evolve Tone in Dallas, TX

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What Is Evolve Tone?

Tired of sweating at the gym and counting calories but not seeing results? Kevin R. Hanz, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers a cutting-edge, nonsurgical treatment that is helping both men and women achieve amazing results. With targeted EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), the Evolve Tone platform creates tens of thousands of muscle contractions during a single 30-minute session. This super-stimulation works to build muscle, burn fat, and achieve the leaner, toned look you want. If you're in the DFW Metroplex area, contact our Dallas, TX office today to learn more and schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin R. Hanz.

What Are The Benefits Of Evolve Tone?

Evolve Tone treatment sessions offer advanced benefits to help our Dallas, TX and DFW Metroplex area patients reshape and enhance their look, including:

  • Strengthens and tones muscle
  • Reduces stubborn unwanted fat
  • Sculpts and contours the body
  • Can diminish the appearance of cellulite
  • It's safe and effective for all skin types
  • Treatments are quick, easy, and comfortable
  • No downtime

How Does Evolve Tone Work?

During your consultation, Dr. Hanz will listen to your concerns and goals to help you create the right Evolve Tone treatment plan. During your session, you will simply lay on a comfortable table while we attach the applicator pads to the treatment area, which can include the abdomen, arms, and buttocks. No anesthetic is necessary since most patients say an Evolve Tone treatment only feels like a warmth, tingling, or slight twitching sensation. A typical session lasts about 30 minutes, during which your muscles can contract up to 30,000 times. This super-stimulation helps you build and tone your muscles while effectively burning fat. After you're done, you can get right back to your ordinary routine with no downtime. Many patients can see results after only one session, but typically, the best results can be seen with 3 – 5 treatments.

Get the Lean And Toned Look You Want

If you're ready to see real results for a slimmer, toned body, contact Kevin R. Hanz, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Dallas, TX, today to learn more about what Evolve Tone can do for you and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kevin R. Hanz. Let us work with you to create your own Evolve Tone treatment plan and get ready to achieve the look you want.

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