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Can BodyTite™ Help Make My Body Look Slimmer?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 01/28/2023

BodyTite technology can make you look slimmer, tighten loose or wrinkly skin, and improve your contours with minimal scarring and decreased downtime.


Shed Those Unwanted Pounds With Weight Loss Injections

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 12/29/2022

Semaglutide injections are an FDA-approved option that can supercharge your weight loss efforts.


Will FaceTite Make my Face Look Slimmer?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 10/31/2022

Loose skin and fat deposits can make you feel self-conscious. Learn about a nonsurgical treatment called FaceTite and how it produces real results.


How Can InstaLift® Threads Tighten Droopy Facial Skin?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 09/25/2022

Looking for a nonsurgical facelift alternative to combat signs of aging in the mid-face? Consider InstaLift threads.


What Kind of Scars Can I Expect After Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 08/29/2022

Learn more about what's involved in a mommy makeover and Dr. Hanz's commitment to minimizing the appearance of scars after surgery.


How Long Can My BodyTite™ Results Last?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 07/31/2022

Learn about what to expect from BodyTite, a procedure used to reduce fat and tighten skin for a more pleasing appearance.


Could Facial Skin Be Too Wrinkly for FaceTite™?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 06/26/2022

FaceTite can be a fantastic option for firming up loose skin, but how loose is too loose? Find out if you may qualify for FaceTite here.


Why Am I Losing My Hair All of a Sudden?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 05/30/2022

Explore the potential reasons for sudden hair loss, and find out how you can use the natural components of your own blood to reverse it.


Do Away With Under-Eye Bags With These Fillers

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 04/29/2022

Did you know that dark circles or bags under your eyes can actually be improved with injectable dermal fillers? Learn more here.


A Look Inside the Mommy Makeover Recovery Process

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 03/31/2022

Dr. Kevin R. Hanz offers the mommy makeover to women post-pregnancy to achieve youthful, beautiful physiques.


Can BodyTite™ Get Rid Of My Postpartum Belly?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 02/25/2022

Frustrated by stubborn belly fat and loose skin after giving birth? Consider nonsurgical BodyTite for fat reduction and skin tightening.


What Neurotoxin Injections Are Best For Crow’s Feet?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 01/31/2022

Compare your options for injectable wrinkle relaxers, and find out which products may work best on your Crow’s feet.


How Much Fat is Removed During Nonsurgical Fat Reduction?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 12/27/2021

Nonsurgical fat reduction can give you dramatic slimming results, so you can enjoy a dream body without the pain and hassle of more invasive methods.


How Can Bellafill® Injections Enhance My Facial Appearance?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 11/28/2021

Bellafill injections can help improve your facial appearance by reducing the development of fine lines and wrinkles.


Will I Need Any Surgical Garments for Mommy Makeover Recovery?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 10/30/2021

Mommy makeover recovery may include surgical garments to increase your comfort. Learn the details of this body contouring procedure at our clinic.


How Quickly Can Hair Grow After PRP Therapy?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 09/17/2021

After PRP therapy, your hair growth should start around four months and continue to grow until one year.


Will BodyTite Treatment Reduce Stubborn Bra and Back Fat?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 08/20/2021

BodyTite can be used to treat multiple areas of your body, including the stubborn fat around your bra and back.


Can I Have My Lips Injected While Pregnant?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 07/20/2021

Are lip fillers safe during pregnancy? Find the answers to all of your questions about lip injections during pregnancy here.


Experience Effective Fat Reduction Without Liposuction

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 06/19/2021

Now you can get noninvasive fat reduction treatments without having to undergo surgery.


Will I Weigh Less After My Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 05/13/2021

Learn more about the question of weight loss with a mommy makeover in Dallas, TX, and what this popular body contouring procedure can do for you.


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