How Can Bellafill® Injections Enhance My Facial Appearance?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 11/28/2021

Bellafill injections can help improve your facial appearance by reducing the development of fine lines and wrinkles.


Will I Need Any Surgical Garments for Mommy Makeover Recovery?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 10/30/2021

Mommy makeover recovery may include surgical garments to increase your comfort. Learn the details of this body contouring procedure at our clinic.


How Quickly Can Hair Grow After PRP Therapy?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 09/17/2021

After PRP therapy, your hair growth should start around four months and continue to grow until one year.


Will BodyTite Treatment Reduce Stubborn Bra and Back Fat?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 08/20/2021

BodyTite can be used to treat multiple areas of your body, including the stubborn fat around your bra and back.


Can I Have My Lips Injected While Pregnant?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 07/20/2021

Are lip fillers safe during pregnancy? Find the answers to all of your questions about lip injections during pregnancy here.


Experience Effective Fat Reduction Without Liposuction

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 06/19/2021

Now you can get noninvasive fat reduction treatments without having to undergo surgery.


Will I Weigh Less After My Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 05/13/2021

Learn more about the question of weight loss with a mommy makeover in Dallas, TX, and what this popular body contouring procedure can do for you.


Do You Need to Be A Certain Weight For Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 04/30/2021

Learn if you’re a candidate for mommy makeover surgery at a consultation in Dallas, TX.


Can PRP Reverse Pattern Baldness in Men and Women?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 04/22/2021

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a hair restoration treatment for male and female pattern baldness in Dallas, TX.


How Long Does it Take for Breast Augmentation Incisions to Heal?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 04/15/2021

Planning for your cosmetic surgery and the types of breast augmentation incisions possible, and what you can expect with the recovery time.


Will FaceTite Treatment Leave Behind Scars?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 04/08/2021

FaceTite offers a minimally invasive solution for achieving a smoother and more youthful look, but will you have scars? Find out the answer here.


Can BodyTite Treatment Reduce Bat Wings?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 03/30/2021

Are you tired of hiding your flabby arms but prefer a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery? BodyTite scarless arm lift may be right for you!


How Should You Sleep After A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 03/26/2021

Learn about recovering from mommy makeover surgery and how to do it with ease with helpful tips on how to get a restful night's sleep.


How Many PRP Treatments Are Needed For Hair Growth?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 03/12/2021

Hair replacement therapy is constantly evolving, and PRP treatment for hair loss is one of the latest solutions, providing visible results.


Will A Breast Lift Remove My Stretch Marks?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 03/08/2021

Get the answers to your questions about stretch marks on breasts and if a breast lift procedure can help.


What Can I Expect During FaceTite Recovery?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 02/26/2021

FaceTite tightens skin on the face and neck for a more youthful appeal. Learn what to expect as you recover from this minimally invasive treatment.


How Much Fat Can BodyTite Remove?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 02/22/2021

BodyTite is a minimally invasive lipo procedure that could help men and women lose between 25 – 45 percent of their body fat without much downtime.


What To Consider When Choosing Your Breast Implants

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 02/11/2021

With virtually endless options for size, shape, type, profile, and more, choosing breast implants may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help!


Will PRP Therapy Help Restore My Thinning Eyebrow Hair?

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 02/05/2021

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a great option for men and women who have naturally thin eyebrows or are unhappy with their thinning eyebrows.


Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle After A Mommy Makeover

Dr. Kevin Hanz | 01/27/2021

Now that you’ve got the gorgeous body you deserve after mommy makeover surgery, learn how to maintain your results with these healthy living tips.


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