When your body is feeling low and you need a quick pick-me-up, consider injectable nutrient therapy at Kevin R. Hanz, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. We utilize B12 and Lipo-B in order to help our patients achieve a variety of goals. Contact our office in Dallas, TX today to set up an appointment with Dr. Hanz or another member of our team.

What is Injectable Nutrient Therapy?

Using injectable nutrient therapy, our staff at Kevin R. Hanz, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is able to quickly improve the overall health of our patients. This is due to the treatment’s ability to transport beneficial nutrients — such as B12 and Lipo-B — directly into the muscle, making effects noticeable within mere minutes. Patients in Dallas, TX, who could use a boost should consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kevin Hanz or a member of his staff at our state-of-the-art facility.

What is Injectable Nutrient Therapy?

While a facelift can be an incredible option for removing loose skin on the face, it also requires surgery that can be painful and require extensive recovery time. InstaLift threads, however, are a minimally invasive solution that utilizes absorbable sutures in order to lift the facial skin without leaving behind scars or demanding downtime. Our team at Kevin R. Hanz, M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is incredibly experienced in performing this groundbreaking procedure to help our patients in Dallas, TX achieve an improved contour of their face. During your consultation, Dr. Hanz can create a custom treatment plan to perfectly address the needs of your face.

Frequently Asked Questions


This treatment may be used for a variety of reasons. In some cases, patients have a specific goal, while in others, they simply want a general feeling of improvement. Typically, we recommend B12 or Lipo-B injections for patients who want to:


  • Boost their memory
  • Enhance their energy levels
  • Improve their mood
  • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Increase their metabolism
  • Control their cholesterol levels
  • Safely lose weight

Injectable nutrient therapy uses a concentrated formulation of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to supercharge your body’s systems, improving health and performance. While many of the ingredients are available in pill or powder form, injectable nutrient therapy offers five key benefits over other types of nutrient therapy because it:


  • Allows the body to absorb a higher concentration of nutrients
  • Produces more dramatic results
  • Begins to work within minutes
  • Is quick and easy
  • Has no downtime or recovery period

First, we will discuss your overall goals during your consultation in order to ensure your needs align with the outcomes of the procedure. Afterward, we will disinfect the injection site in order to ensure the area is clean. Then, our staff will simply inject a small amount of either B12 or Lipo-B into the patient’s muscle, depending on their specific goals. The treatment itself can be completed in mere minutes and is completely painless.


Due to the procedure’s short, minimally invasive nature, there is absolutely no downtime or recovery associated with injectable nutrient therapy. Results of the treatment are almost immediate, with most patients reporting noticeable improvements within just minutes of receiving the injection. These outcomes can last for around a week, at which point patients can receive a maintenance appointment if they so choose.

Does injectable nutrient therapy hurt?

No, most patients do not find this injectable therapy painful. These procedures are just like any shot that is injected directly into the muscle. While there may a slight pinch as the needle is inserted, any discomfort is usually mild and over quickly. Some patients may experience minor redness and/or tenderness at the injection site, but this is temporary and also typically goes away quickly.

Is injectable nutrient therapy safe?

Yes, for the majority of patients, injectable nutrient therapy is generally very safe and effective. During your private consultation, we will review your medical history and current health to ensure you’re a perfect candidate to receive the health-boosting benefits these therapies offer.

How do I know which injectable nutrient therapy is right for me?

Which injectable nutrient therapy is right for you will depend on your goals. Do you want more energy and mental focus? Do you want to burn fat and lose weight? Or do you want to boost performance? We will work with you during your consultation to choose the best therapy that aligns with your health goals.



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What is Lipo AI?

LipoAI's  involves identifying fat without immediate extraction, allowing Dr. Hanz to precisely target and dissolve fat cells while preserving surrounding tissues. This targeted approach not only minimizes bodily trauma and reduces the risk of vascular or nerve damage but also promotes skin tightening for smoother, more natural-looking results. By liquefying fat prior to removal, the procedure ensures a gentler extraction process, contributing to enhanced patient comfort and expedited post-operative recovery.

What is Renuvion®?

The first major advancement in decades of skin treatments for the face, Renuvion is a new and effective nonsurgical option for smoothing and contracting the skin — all in one procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Lipo ai is right for me?

The first major advancement in decades of skin treatments for the face, Renuvion is a new and effective nonsurgical option for smoothing and contracting the skin — all in one procedure. Renuvion is an amazing non-surgical solution for reducing wrinkles and rhytides, but it’s not for everybody. This procedure requires recovery time and is not recommended for patients with darker skin tones but is limited to patients with Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, or III. Dr. Kevin Hanz will talk to you about your goals, your lifestyle, and whether Renuvion is the right option for you.

What can Lipo ai Treat?

LipoAI can treat various areas of the body where excess fat accumulates, including the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, buttocks, and submental region (under the chin). It's effective for both large and small areas, providing precise contouring and skin tightening.

    How does Lipo ai work?

    Lipo AI skin tightening treatment works by using laser energy to target the deeper layers of the skin. The laser heats the collagen fibers in the skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting tighter, smoother skin over time.

    Why is this treatment good for my skin?

    This treatment is beneficial for the skin because it stimulates collagen production, which helps to improve skin elasticity and firmness. It also promotes cell renewal, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance.

    Will I be asleep during the Lipo AI treatment?

    Lipo AI does not require a patient to be asleep or undergo general anesthesia. The procedure may be completed with a patient awake. Patients are given a light sedative to feel more relaxed and insure a pleasant, comfortable experience. Many of our patients prefer to avoid general anesthesia and really appreciate the awake approach. Having said that, we do offer the possibility of full anesthesia for those patients that may prefer to be more asleep during the procedure.

    What should I expect during the recovery time?

    During the recovery period, patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated areas. The recovery typically involves significantly less down time than other forms of Liposuction. Symptoms are usually mild and most patients can resume normal activities within a few days to a week after the procedure. Patients may appreciate initial results in as little as 2-3 days, though maximum benefits may take several weeks to months to become fully apparent as the body heals and remodels. 



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